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Project Management Dec 16, 2020

Agile Estimation or How we Estimate at FiLDEV Cloud Business Software

When you ask a software developer to give an estimate on how much effort it would take to implement a particular requirement, I’m sure that their initial reaction is to give you an absolute answer in hours or days. This is called an absolute estimate...

Digital Marketing Sep 06, 2020

Top 5 KPIs in the Fitness Studio Industry

Just like your members need to measure sets and repetitions, BMI, body-fat, body-weight, macronutrients, caloric-intake and more, you as a business owner needs to measure the health of your business on a regular basis as well.

Javascript ES6 Jun 01, 2020

Learn How Default Parameters work in JavaScript ES6

ES6 was published in 2015 to standardize JavaScript. One of the good feature that came along with it is the Default parameter which basically allows us to set a default value for our function's parameters when there is no argument passed or if it is undefined.

React Native Feb 01, 2020

Which Of Your Favorite Apps Are Built On React Native?

The digital world is constantly upgrading. A new framework is introduced almost every year. One that turns out to be more popular among developers is React.

Project Management Jan 01, 2020

Know the Twelve Agile Software Development Principles

The Agile Manifesto was written in 2001 by seventeen software developers who got together in Snowbird Utah as a solution to the challenges of the traditional waterfall model of software development.

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